Bodies Revealed

Appeared at Da Vinci Science Center: Oct. 6, 2012-Feb. 18, 2013. This exhibition is now closed.
Local Presenting Sponsor: St. Luke’s University Health Network

Note: Exhibition rules prohibit visitor photography and videography, strollers, backpacks, food and beverages.

About Bodies Revealed

The world-renowned Bodies Revealed exhibition – which has been seen by more than 15 million people of all ages – provides visitors a mesmerizing three-dimensional tour of the human body that otherwise is available only to medical professionals and students. It also inspires appreciation for the human body as an intricately-developed machine that is more complex and wondrous than all of the computers and gadgets surrounding humanity every day.

Bodies Revealed at the Da Vinci Science Center features 11 authentic specimens and is arranged with 180 additional pieces in a series of sections highlighting the human body’s major systems – beginning with the skeletal system then proceeding through the muscular, nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems. The bodies are complemented by presentation cases of related organs, both healthy and diseased, that provide a detailed look into each system’s elements. Bodies Revealed at the Da Vinci Science Center does not include a fetal gallery.

Bodies Revealed has appeared domestically in New York, N.Y.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and several additional cities. It has appeared internationally in Seoul, South Korea; Dublin, Ireland; Vienna, Austria; and Athens, Greece. A larger version of the Bodies Revealed experience opened in Liverpool, England, in Aug. 2012.

The exhibition’s bodies have been protected by a revolutionary Polymer Preservation Process in which human tissue is permanently preserved using liquid silicone rubber. Polymer Preservation prevents the natural decomposition process, making body specimens available for study for indefinite periods of time and providing an intimate view of their organs and systems.

Bodies Revealed was created by Premier Exhibitions, Inc., of Atlanta, Ga. Suppliers have confirmed that all of the bodies and organ specimens in Bodies Revealed came from individuals who chose to donate their bodies to accredited medical universities in the People’s Republic of China. All specimens were then received by plastination facilities in China. Asia possesses the largest and most highly competent group of dissectors in the world, and they are highly skilled in preparing the bodies for educational and scientific purposes.

Bodies Revealed FAQ

Contact at DSC: Karen Knecht484.664.1002, Ext. 108


Contact @DSC: Karen Knecht, 484.664.1002, Ext. 108


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