Appeared at Da Vinci Science Center: May 18, 2013-Sept. 2, 2013
Local Presenting Sponsor: St. Luke’s University Health Network

About Grossology

Sometimes they are stinky. Sometimes they are crusty, and sometimes they are slimy. The Grossology exhibition lets visitors explore why their bodies produce mushy, oozy, crusty, scaly, and stinky gunk. Based on a best-selling book by Sylvia Branzei, Grossology uses sophisticated animatronics and imaginative exhibits to show visitors the good, the bad, and the downright ugly about runny noses, body odor, and much more.

Exhibition Highlights

Grossology features impolite stations for visitors  including an animatronic nose that flows snot called Nigel Nose-It-All; a skin climbing wall that features pimples, warts, wounds, hair, moles, and other skin blemishes; an area in which visitors can match body odors with the area of the body from which they came; and a larger-than-life burping cartoon character drinks from a three-foot soda can that visitors pump.

Look Inside
This cutaway display shows visitors how food is digested as it passes through their gastrointestinal systems.

Yu Stink
This game challenges visitors to match the body odors with the area of the body they come from.

Urine: The Game
This video game-style experience shows visitors how the kidneys remove waste from the blood.

Nigel Nose-It-All
This exhibit is an animatronic nose that flows snot and shows visitors how their noses function, allergies, sinuses, snot trivia, runny noses, and more.

Burp Man
This larger-than-life cartoon character drinks from a three-foot pop can pumped by visitors. Stomach pressure increases until the character releases a giant burp. Another exhibit shows how the sphincter works.

Let’s Play Grossology
This multiple choice trivia game hosted by Her Grossness tests what visitors have learned from their visit.

Toot Toot
Visitors use rubber tubing and air to learn about the vibrations and physics that produce the body’s rudest and gassiest noises.

Vomit Center
This exhibit explores the digestive system and explains the many causes of vomiting.

Patients Please!
Visitors learn their body parts in this activity in the style of the famous game called Operation. Visitors can attempt to remove body parts from the game table without touching the sides of the holes.

Skin Climbing Wall
This large-scale fiberglass replica of human skin features pimples, warts, wounds, hair, moles and other skin blemishes.

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